The fifth round of the Spanish Championship was marked by an underdog action this Saturday. The unlikely fact came at the game between Barcelona and Granada. Barca lost to Granada 2-0 away from home and lost the chance to get closer to the top of the Spanish La Liga. Nigerian midfielder Ramon Azeez and Spanish striker Alvaro Vadillo scored the goals of the match.

The runner-up is Sevilla, with the same 10 points, who host Real Madrid on Sunday and could reach 13 if they win; Barca’s deadliest rival, Real Madrid have 8 points. Atletico Madrid, who have played in the round in a goalless draw against Celta in Madrid, also has 10 points and sit the third position.

Granada opened the scoring early in the first half. Just one minute into the game, the home owners opened the scoring at Los Carmenes stadium. The Barcelona defense messed up and allowed Spanish striker Antonio Puertas to finish. The effort was blocked by defender Pique but the ball ended up going over the German goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, allowing Azeez to fire into the empty nets.

With Argentine star Lionel Messi on the bench – he only came back for the second half – the visitors suffered in the early stages and could not create good chances. Surprisingly, Granada capitalized on that and killed the game in the second half.

The second half was also dominated by Granada. At 65 minutes, the Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal committed a penalty, confirmed after the referee’s review, with the help of the VAR. Striker Vadillo, who had just been introduced into the match, stepped up and converted from the spot. 2-0 Granada.

Uninspired, Barcelona failed to react and stopped at Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Silva in the few chances the Catalans created.

A bad start from the Catalans in the League. They way they spent money this season, bringing in the likes o Antoine Griezmann and maintaining expensive players, should bring in more positive results. Surely it’s very early to say something, as they can bounce back from this bad moment and go on to a UEFA Champions League title and a La Liga trophy as well. But I would consider sacking the manager if the bad outcomes keep going.

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