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France beat South Korea on their first match for Women’s World Cup



It finally started! The Women’s World Cup 2019, in France! The biggest competition in the world of football, male or female, started on this 7th of June and is already considered the big moment for the girls to show all they got and tell the world that Women are made to do whatever they want to do. And play football is certainly one of them!

The first day started with a nice Opening Ceremony, with the show of the French Pop Star Jain to entertain the local and international fans. But the most important time at Parc des Princes was when both France and South Korea entered the pitch. The Stadium was simply beautiful, full of fans, from old ladies and gentlemen to young girls and boys. With all the happiness of playing this big tournament at home, Les Bleus entered with the best players they got, counting with 5 Champions League winner’s on their main squad, to face a South Korea that was certainly not on their best days.

Even with the support of some fans that traveled from Asia to Europe, the girls from Korea were clearly nervous and the defense had a terrible night against the French. It didn’t take long to the first goal of this World Cup to happened and of course, it was for the home side. Amadine Henry paced down the right at the 9th minute and cut the ball infield to Eugénie Le Sommer, who hammered her shot above the Korean goalkeeper Kim Minjung. 1-0 France.
Le Somme celebrating her goal

Not many minutes after that, France scored the second goal with Griedge Mbock Bathy, but the VAR showed that she was a little in front of the last defender… But it was really just a little. Fortunately for the home side, the best defender of Champions League, and the player of the match, appeared at the 35th minute. With 1.87 meters tall, Wendie Renard didn’t even see the Korean defense to put the ball inside the net with a perfect header to double their lead.
Renard header to the second goal

Before the end of the first half, there she was again. Renard once again jumped higher than any defender and killed the keeper Kim sending the ball to the top left corner. 3-0 to France and that was just the first half.
France players celebrating the 3rd goal

With all this scenario, we all thought that the second half would be amazing, but it was not like that. France clearly decided to play in an easier way and not make too much pressure, while South Korea was still trying to find themselves on the match. It took some time to the Asians to attack and even shoot on the goal, but after the 70th minute, they started playing. At the 77th minute, Li Mina had a wonderful chance, one-on-one with French keeper Sarah Bouhaddi, but took the shot to early and dragged it wide left. It was not a good night for the Koreans, who didn’t see their best player and captain Cho Sohyun playing her best football.
Le Sommer and Cho fighting for the ball

To make things better for the local fans, at the 85th minute, French’s captain Henry received the ball on the left, cut to the middle and unleashed a right-foot shot that had power and curve. No chances at all to Korean’s keeper and a marvelous goal to finish the scoring. 4 France, 0 South Korea.
Henry celebrating her goal with her teammates

With this victory, the French team shows that they are one of the favorites to win the competition and give a good step to that. Their next match will be against Norway on Wednesday, which will probably be their most difficult match on the Group Stage. South Korea will face Nigeria, trying to get a victory and get some points.


RiVer con V de Var



River dominó a Cerro Porteño durante gran parte del partido en el estadio Monumental, pero no pudo reflejar en el resultado la diferencia que existió en cuanto a juego y actitud. De esa manera, el Millonario viajará a Paraguay con un resultado a favor de dos goles a cero gracias a su jugador estrella, el VAR, protagonista de las 2 anotaciones.

Marcelo Gallardo habló en conferencia de prensa sobre el VAR, MVP del encuentro: “Es una herramienta a la cual nos tenemos que habituar”, dijo el DT.

“Los errores siguen siendo humanos, más allá del VAR y de la forma en que se observe. Igualmente no tengo duda de que la falta a De La Cruz fue penal, al igual que la de Carrizo a Palacios. Así como también nos anularon bien un gol, porque Suárez la toca con la mano”, declaró el Muñeco en el Monumental. Luego siguió con el tema: “En nuestro continente venimos discutiendo hace rato y en ligas europeas también hay errores humanos. Los que estamos más habituados somos los que jugamos Copa, los demás no. A veces te juega a favor y a veces en contra”.

Gallardo estaba picante y puso en claro una realidad en América del Sur: “Si el VAR no se implementó en ligas locales es porque estamos atrasados. Pero habrá intención de que se comience a utilizar”.

Por último, no se enfocó en un posible cruce ante el máximo rival Millonario: “Sabemos lo que genera una posibilidad de enfrentar a Boca. Desde hace rato se habla de esto. Nosotros tenemos claro que no nos vamos a anticipar”.

River con R de Robo logró una cómoda victoria y da un paso hacia unas posibles semifinales ante Boca que emociona a todo el mundo del fútbol menos a Gallardo. La revancha frente a Cerro Porteño se jugará el próximo jueves en el estadio General Pablo Rojas de Asunción, escenario más conocido como La Nueva Olla.

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PSG worried with “Neymar deadline” as Real Madrid is hopeful



Every day, a new offer for Neymar is announced in the European press. The latest is a “royal” combo: Real Madrid would be willing to pay 100 million euros plus three more players – Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, and Keylor Navas – for Neymar. I swear I would close a swap-deal with the likes of Bale and James for Neymar. I don’t know what’s going on PSG’s chairman’s mind, but they have denied this absurd proposal.

PSG keep playing hard in order to keep the Brazilian striker, having already declined offers from two other European giants, Barcelona and Juventus.

In Real, the three players included in the proposal are set to leave. The Spanish club almost negotiated the Welsh Gareth Bale to China, but the player refused the transfer. James Rodriguez has returned from Bayern Munich loan and is not in the plans of coach Zinedine Zidane. And Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas wants to go out for a better chance to play, as Belgian Thibaut Courtois, somehow, has Zidane’s trust to be the absolute starter.

Meanwhile, I see a move back to Barcelona very improbable at this transfer window. It will be officially closed in 10 days, and the only way Barcelona could land Neymar is to paying his full-price, as PSG doesn’t seem to want to see Neymar back at Catalunia. At the same time, a move back to Barca is clearly Neymar’s wish, but I see his priority as to get out of PSG as soon as possible.

So maybe even despite the efforts from Lionel Messi, who has reportedly called Neymar to try to change the Brazilian’s mind on not to join Madrid will be in vain.

At the same time, keeping Neymar would not be a good idea for PSG, as they would still have to pay his wages, and it’s not good to have an unsatisfied player within the squad. Clock is running for both PSG and Neymar. Where will Neymar Junior be playing in some weeks? Let’s wait and see, but apparently, this whole situation is coming to an end.

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CR7: “Any player who hasn’t proved anything is worth €100M nowadays”



It seems like the inflated Football transfer market has been upsetting the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo. In a recent interview for Portuguese TV channel “TVI”, the legend has criticized the astronomical prices clubs have been paying for players who aren’t really worth that. I have a slight impression that Man United’s new signing Harry Maguire didn’t like it that much. Pass it on.

– Nowadays, prices are surreal. I’ll put aside the case of Joao Felix, but now any player without proving anything is worth a 100 million euros. This is madness. One sees center-halves and goalkeepers being transferred by astronomical values. But on the one hand, it is also good because it is a sign that the football business is alive and apparently in good health – said the 34-year-old who avoided setting a price tag for himself.

“When I see goalkeepers being sold at 75 million euros, a player who does what I do on the pitch and who scores goals has to be worth three, four times more. Easily.”

Besides that, he also gave his words on his childhood dreams back at Madeira Island:

– My dream was to be a soccer player, everyone told me I was a football star and I started to create this illusion. But if you ask me if I thought I would ever win a Golden Ball, two or three, I tell you I never thought about it. I know that obviously, the most important thing is to have talent, and this I have, but if you notice, great athletes from others sports, scientists or Nobel laureates, are all great workers. I like to copy good examples, not only in sports. All had great talent but were above all great workers.

And also on his move from Real Madrid to Juventus:

– Financially, I don’t need football to live well. I will live well throughout my whole life. There are projects, and this one from Juventus has caught my attention. It was a challenge. I had won it in England, Spain and was going to win here in Italy. And I got another record by winning the championship. I like challenges. For me, Madrid was already in my comfort zone. After winning 17 or 18 titles, it was one more. Routines were always the same. I wanted a new challenge, I am a person who aims the perfection in my area.

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