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Aquel penalti de Nicolás Anelka



Todos los futbolistas tienen una historia detrás. Nicolás Anelka tiene un par.

La final de la UEFA Champions League del 2008 será recordada por dos cosas: la final que sí pudo ganar Sir Alex Ferguson en su último lustro y la noche donde Nicolás Anelka falló el penal decisivo.

No obstante, la historia resalta más a John Terry, quien se resbaló y falló el penal que le daba el título a los londinenses, pero el mundo interno del fútbol halla una historia del delantero francés allí detrás.

Los penales no son una lotería

A menudo se cree que los penales son al azar, que puede pasar cualquier cosa y que todo es tan random como el resultado al lanzar una moneda. Y no, no es así.

Los tiros penales llevan todo un estudio detrás.

Videonalistas, técnicos, jugadores (porteros y potenciales pateadores) e incluso fanáticos están implicados en todo lo que significan estos cobros.

El fallo de Anelka es un buen momento para traerlo a colación.

Aquella noche en Moscú, el Chelsea, obsesionado por la obtención del trofeo, acudió a múltiples especialistas fuera del fútbol para que aportarán en un hipotético desenvolvimiento del partido.

Y así fue como acabaron obteniendo un estudio minucioso (no tan común como ahora) sobre los cobradores y sus posibles destinos en el arco.

Entonces, una vez sabían las tendencias de Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes y compañía, era hora de desarrollar una estrategia.

Todos tirarán a su derecha (la izquierda de van der Sar) sin importar qué pase.

Esa fue la orden final; tan básica como difícil de adivinar. Al final del día, ¿cómo iban todos a patear en la misma dirección?

Y sí, finalmente fue así. De hecho, John Terry se resbala pateando a su derecha (y el portero tirándose al otro lado).

Pero todo cambió cuando llegó el turno de Anelka.

Ese introvertido delantero francés fue víctima del descubrimiento del portero holandés, quien, parafraseando, le indicó a Nicolás que tirara por la derecha como todos sus compañeros.

¿Qué pasó? El resto marcó la historia.

Anelka cambió la dirección del remate. Van der Sar adivinó y atajó. El Manchester United ganó la Champions del 2008.

Por supuesto, había un analista retorciéndose desde su sofá.

¿Se deben cumplir las reglas? ¿O las mismas nacieron para romperse?


Ostia! The 3 of the league



The three contenders for the title, Barça, Madrid and Atlético, already have very strong teams in the fight for “La Liga” that starts in four weeks. They have moved quickly in the market to profile their staff with a total of 16 signings between the three teams.

The 3 has one last pending operation, Pogba in Madrid, James in Atlético and Neymar in Barça. In any case, the one that has less chance of reaching is Neymar to Barcelona, ​​we know his president and he is not very given with the big businesses, there is more possibility that Neymar plays with Pogba in Madrid that Bartomeu managed to sign the Brazilian even though Manchester does not want to let the French go.

Valverde, Simeone and Zidane at this point already have the idea of ​​a team to start the preseason and opt for the Champions in the next year, Valverde with his terror to play away from home along with the fear of marking Suárez’s visit puts all his hopes in the French Griezmann, while Messi will continue crying for losing the Copa America who knows until when.

Atlético de Madrid is the one that will most vary its eleven compared to last season. The departures of Juanfran, Godín, Filipe, Rodrigo and Griezmann leave five holes that will be occupied by new additions. So far there are eight signings (Trippier, Mario Hermoso, Llorente, Felipe, Lodi, Hector Herrera, Saponjic and Joao Felix). A disbursement that will be close to 250 million. The poor neighbor is not so poor anymore.

Real Madrid meanwhile has five new faces, of which only one can be considered an undisputed part of the starter IX: Eden Hazard. The arrivals of Militao, Mendy and Jovic, and to a lesser extent of Rodrygo (will begin with the Castilla) raise the level of the second line, but none of them is ahead of Varane, Marcelo and Benzema, respectively.

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Manchester City shines in preseason



During the first game of the preseason, Pep Guardiola’s team thrashed West Ham United 4-1 in what was a game full of concepts and details to take into account for the development of the season.

In addition, among young people, appeared from the beginning two of the most important reinforcements for the season 19/20: Rodri and Angeliño.

Let’s see, then, what left Manchester City’s debut in the preseason:

  • Use of the new rule in output

It was obvious, wasn’t it? Everything that indicates to have the possession and to organize the game probably is used by Guardiola. It shows the new rule that allows receivers within the area after the goal kick.

There, among the multiple probable scenarios, Pep tried two: the short exit without pressure and the middle exit when it is pressed high.

In both managed to generate opportunities and transcend half of the court with the ball dominated, finding spaces and with several players.

And we still need to see it with the top players and more trained …

  • Third man concept

As usual, Guardiola teams travel the entire field forming small triangles to associate and attack the spaces.  Over and over. It is a registered trademark.

Facing the West Ham, It applied this concept several times; It attracted markers and got some flyer to give the pass to the created space. There appeared a man in freedom and with more time to decide/execute.

When there is more time to perform an action, there is more time to hit. Everything is thought.

  • Rodri’s function

It is no coincidence that Rodri sees minutes from the first game of the preseason. And probably will be like that until the last one. He will be a vital piece for Manchester City 19/20; the more familiar he is with the idea, the better.

The Spanish recovered balls, leaked passes and found a place among the central defenders to help in the exit, being important in that first phase of gestation.

Exciting? Absolutely. He is the most “Guardiola” player who has reached the Etihad.

How Rodri adapts, and what he subsequently contributes, will be born much of what the City can achieve this year.

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A different Center Back for Simeone



Mario Hermoso becomes a new player of Atlético de Madrid in exchange for 25 million euros. And with regard to his arrival, the “Cholo” will have a range of possibilities to modify/improve his system and, therefore, his game idea.

Will he? That we will try to find out with the arrival of the Spanish defender.

Right now, Simeone has four power stations to compete in the first level: José María Giménez, Stefan Savic, Felipe and Mario Hermoso, as well as the young promise Francisco Montero. The Atleti managed to supply the casualties in a very good way … Maybe it has improved, after all.

How does Mario Hermoso play?

He is a left-handed central defender, so he is located as left-center and can even play as a side by the same band. He has very good criteria to come out with possession of the ball and give vertical passes between lines.

In fact, in this sense, he is the best center back with which Simeone will have counted in Spain.

And from there, what he means and what he can provide, the “colchonera” defense may have “won” after the exits of Godín and Lucas Hernández, although saying it a month ago would seem crazy. Now there are two essential aspects to understand it:

  • They have “renewed” the back, from the income of all the signings, and the balance is positive.
  • A defender arrived (Mario Hermoso) with new criteria to improve the exits with the ball.

On the other hand, there are the options that the Argentine coach will handle; the typical 4-4-2 could be modified by a three and two-lanes defense.

José María Giménez, Felipe and Mario Hermoso, behind. While Kieran Trippier and Renan Lodi act like lanes. And that does sound good.

But … Why would they vary? Cholismo has served all these years.

Precisely, because Simeone has never counted on defenders of such good deal with the ball. And that gets with Hermoso, who could be a left stopper. In addition to that Trippier has shown his best version (Russia 2018) as a lane and Renan Lodi could shine there.

Probably, new things will be seen at Atlético de Madrid.

Things that will like … Things with which titles could be obtained.

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